Stranded playlist 23 Dec 2011

December 24, 2011

* Featuring the classic 1981 album from Radio Birdman, ‘Living Eyes’ *

Radio Birdman – ‘Hanging On’ [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘455 SD’ [AU]
Radio Birdman – I-94′ [AU]
Radio Birdman -Burn My Eye ’78’ [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘Smith and Wesson Blues’ [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘Crying Sun’ [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘Alone In The Endzone’ [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘Dark Surprise’ (live) [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘Break’s My Heart’ (live) [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘More Fun’ (live) [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘Didn’t Tell The Man’ (live) [AU]
Shihad – ‘The Final Year of the Universe’ [AU]
Stonefield – ‘Black Water Rising’ [AU]
Orchestra of Spheres – ‘Hypercube’ [AU]
Orchestra of Spheres – ‘There Is No No’ [AU]
Andy Magoffin – ‘Maiden’ [CA]
Olenka Krakus – ‘Maggie Howie’ [CA]
Tara Beagan & Henry Adam Svec – ‘Little Indian Maid’ [CA]
Feist – ‘The Bad in Each Other’ [CA]

Featured video: Radio Birdman – ‘Burn My Eye’ (live) [1978]

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