Stranded playlist 26 August 2011

August 27, 2011

* Featuring the classic 1990 live album ‘Slave to the Crave’ by The Cosmic Psychos’ *

Cosmic Psychos – Decadence  (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Rip and Dig (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Lead Me Astray (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Quarter to Three (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Stink (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Pub (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Lost Cause (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Back in Town (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Can’t come in (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – David Lee Roth (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – On the Farm (live) [AU]
Cosmic Psychos – Custom Credit (live) [AU]
Buck 65  – ‘Zombie Delight’ [CA]
Buck 65  – ‘Tear of Your heart With’ [CA]
Hawksley Workman – ‘Animal Behavior’ [CA]
Hawksley Workman – ‘Who do they kiss?’ [CA]
The Dears – ‘5 chords’ [CA]

Featured video:  Cosmic Psychos – ‘Lost Cause’ (1990)

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