Stranded playlist 29 July 2011

July 30, 2011

*Featuring a live telephone interview with Mick Daley from country rock band The Re-Mains who are touring Western Canada this summer*

The Go-Betweens – ‘Cattle and Cane’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Draining the pool for you’ [AU]
The Go-Betweens – ‘Spring Rain’ [AU]
Robert Forster – ‘Baby Stories’ [AU]
Robert Forster – ‘I Can Do’ [AU]
Robert Forster – ‘Cryin’ Love’ [AU]
The Re-Mains – ‘Left On King’ [AU]
Live phone interview with Mick Daley of The Re-Mains
The Re-Mains – ‘Robert’s Road’ (live) [AU]

Featured video: The Re-Mains – ‘Quit Singin’ The Blues’ (2008)

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