Stranded playlist 25 April 2011

April 25, 2011

*Featuring the classic ‘Too Far Gone’ LP by Hard-Ons (1993)*

Hard-Ons – ‘Crazy, Crazy Eyes’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘Notice Me’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘If It Makes Me Happy’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘Carphone’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘Test’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘I Do, I Do, I Do’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘Lost’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘The Blade’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘Noone Can Stop You’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘Cat Scan’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘If She Only Knew’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘It’s Up To Me’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘Stressed Out’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘Sleepy’ [AU]

Featured video: Hard-Ons – ‘Crazy, Crazy Eyes’ [1993]

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