Stranded playlist 7 feb 2010

February 7, 2011

* Featuring tracks from three albums by The Church  – ‘Untitled #23’ (2009) , ‘Priest = Aura’ (1992) , and ‘Starfish’ (1988) in celebration of the current FUTURE PAST PERFECT North American tour. *

The Church – ‘Deadman’s Hand’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Pangea’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Happenstance’ [AU]
Steve Kilbey talking about ‘Priest=Aura’ track names (youtube)
The Church – ‘Aura’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Ripple’ [AU]
The Church – ‘The Disillusionist’ [AU]
Steve Kilbey talking about ‘Starfish’ (youtube)
The Church – ‘Destination’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Reptile’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Hotel Womb’ [AU]

Featured video: The Church – ‘Deadman’s Hand’ (live in Seattle) [2009]

One Response to “Stranded playlist 7 feb 2010”

  1. Des MacDonald Says:

    It’s so good to see someone else in radio around Vancouver who loves this band as much as I do! The show at the Triple Door may be one of my favorite shows EVER!
    My show is at CJSF 90.1fm and broadcasts Tuesday nights 11pm to 2am (This is what you want…)

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