Stranded playlist 20 Dec 2010

December 20, 2010

The Hitmen – ‘Didn’t Tell The Man’ [AU]
The Hitmen – ‘I Don’t Mind’ [AU]
The Hitmen – ‘Bwana Devil’ [AU]
Goat – ‘Mamma Says It’s Ok’ [AU]
Kim Churchill – ‘Sword and Shield’ [AU]
Sal Kimber – ‘Drive’ [AU]
Kill Matilda – ‘Geisha with a Switchblade’ [CA]
Kill Matilda – ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ [CA]
Kill Matilda – ‘Faultlines’ [CA]
The New Pornographers – ‘Last Train From London’ [CA]
Fine Mist – ‘Silver Jenny Dollar’ [CA]
Apollo Ghosts – ‘Angel Acres’ [CA]

Featured video: The Hitmen – ‘I Don’t Mind’ (1981)

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