Stranded playlist 13 Dec 2010

December 13, 2010

*Featuring special guest, Vancouver poet Weldon Hunter, chatting about Sydney band The Cannanes*

The Cannanes – ‘Stop It’ [AU]
The Cannanes – ‘Felicia’ [AU]
The Cannanes – ‘Corn Chips’ [AU]
The Cannanes – ‘White Rabbit’ [AU]
The Cannanes – ‘Go And Tell Your Father’ [AU]
The Cannanes – ‘Take Me To the Hotel Johanna’ [AU]
Nice – ‘Dear John’ [AU]
Ashtray Boy – ‘There is a fountain’ [AU]
Clag – ‘Security Man’ [AU]
My Friend Wallice – ‘Free Day’ [CA]
Richard Catwrangleur – ‘Coattail Rider’ [CA]
The Yungsmums – ‘Thru With U’ [CA]
B-Lines – ‘Burnt CDs’ [CA]
B-Lines – ‘Social Retard’ [CA]

Featured video: The Cannanes – ‘Let’s Pretend’ (1993)

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