Stranded playlist 27 Sept 2010

September 27, 2010

Cosmic Psychos – ‘Lost Cause’ [AU]
Lime Spiders – ‘Slave Girl’ [AU]
Celibate Rifles – ‘Salute’ [AU]
Grinderman – ‘Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man’ [AU]
Grinderman – ‘Worm Tamer’ [AU]
Starfish Hill – ‘Cab Ride’ [AU]
Lanie Lane – ‘What Do I Do?’ [AU]
Black Mountain – ‘The Hair Song’ [CA]
Neil Young – ‘Love And War’ [CA]
Certain Breeds – ‘Walk In Sleep’ [CA]
OK Vancouver OK – ‘I’m So Exhausted’ [CA]
OK Vancouver OK – My Heart [CA]
Apollo Ghosts – ‘Library Card Amulet’ [CA]

Featured video: Cosmic Psychos – ‘Lost Cause’ [1990]

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