Stranded playlist 20 September 2010

September 21, 2010

The Johnnys – ‘Bleeding Heart’ [AU]
The Johnnys – ‘Injun Joe’ [AU]
The Johnnys – ‘Showdown’ [AU]
Beth N Ben – ‘Two Simple Chords’ [AU]
Beth N Ben – ‘More than less’ [AU]
Violent Soho – ‘Son Of Sam’ [AU]
Eamon McGrath – ‘Cold Alberta Nights’ [CA]
Eamon McGrath – ‘Cut Knife City Blues’ [CA]
Eamon McGrath – ‘I Am The Deer’ [CA]
Joey  Only Outlaw Band – ‘Punk Rock Country Band’ [CA]
Rae Spoon – ‘Death By Electro’ [CA]
Rae Spoon – ‘Love Is A Hunter’ [CA]

Featured video: The Johnnys – ‘Bleeding Heart’ [1986]

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