Stranded playlist 06 Sept 2010

September 6, 2010

Shihad – ‘Interconnector’ [NZ]
Head Like A Hole – ‘A Crying Shame’ [NZ]
The Front Lawn – ‘When you come back home’ [NZ]
Beth ‘n Ben – ‘Little Lady’ [AU]
Beth ‘n Ben – ‘Cardboard Charlie’ [AU]
Alchemist – ‘Yoni Kunda’ [AU]
Hard-Ons – ‘Aunty’ [AU]
Nunchukka Superfly – ‘Today Has A Lot To Answer For’ [AU]
Kill Matilda – ‘Heaven Bound’ [CA]
Besnard Lakes – ‘Chicago Train’ [CA]
Gold Rush – ‘Point of View’ [CA]
Gold Rush – ‘Keep Cool’ [CA]
Ladyhawk – ’48 hrs’ [CA]

Featured video: Shihad – ‘Interconnector’ (NZ) [1998]

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