Stranded playlist 16 August 2010

August 16, 2010

The Celibate Rifles – ‘Jesus on TV’ [AU]
The Celibate Rifles – ‘Johnny’ [AU]
The Celibate Rifles – ‘Electravision Mantra’ [AU]
Interview with Peter Huet, bassist with Waterford (Pt 1) [AU]
Waterford – ‘London, England’ [AU]
The Ellis Collective – ‘7 Days Later’ [AU]
The Tragically Hip – ‘Gus, The Polar Bear From Central Park’ [CA]
Sloan – ‘The Good in Everyone’ [CA]
Certain Breeds – ‘Walk In Sleep’ [CA]
Shane Turner Overdrive – ‘Wigs’ [CA]
Terror Bird – ‘Who’s Sorry Now?’ [CA]

Featured video: The Celibate Rifles – ‘Johnny’ (1989)

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