Stranded playlist 07 June 2010

June 7, 2010

Great Australian Albums doco – ‘Born Sandy Devotional’ by the Triffids [AU]
Eddie Current Suppression Ring – ‘Isn’t It Nice’ [AU]
We Three – ‘Days of Wine and Roses’ [AU/CA]
We Three – ‘Nardis’ [AU/CA]
We Three – ‘Blue in Green’ [AU/CA]
Tame Impala – ‘The Bold Arrow of Time’ [AU]
Tumbleweed – ‘Fang It’ [AU]
The Cashews – ‘Fly’ [AU]
Pete McCormack – ‘Wide Open’ [CA]
The Triffids – ‘Life of Crime’ [AU]

Featured video:  The Triffids – ‘Wide Open Road’ (1986)

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