Stranded playlist 31 May 2010

June 1, 2010

Yothu Yindi – ‘World Turning’ (AU)
Xavier Rudd – ‘Messages’ (AU)
Xavier Rudd – Food in the Belly’ (AU)
Xavier Rudd – ‘My Missing’ (AU)
Xavier Rudd – ‘Fresh Green Freedom’ (AU)
Xavier Rudd – ‘Reasons we were blessed’ (AU)
Xavier Rudd – ‘Soften the blow’ (AU)
Broken Social Scene – ‘World Sick’ (CA)
Broken Social Scene – ‘Case Scene’ (CA)
Screaming Tribesmen – ‘Igloo’ (AU)
Screaming Tibesmen – ‘Ice’ (AU)

Featured video – Xavier Rudd – ‘Let Me Be’ (2004)

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