Stranded playlist 10 May 2010

May 10, 2010

*Special broadcast of interviews recorded at the farewell ‘Grave Level’ house show in Vancouver, BC*

Sunnyboys – ‘Alone with you’ [AU]
Died Pretty – ‘Life to go (Landsakes)’ [AU]
GOD – ‘My Pal’ [AU]
Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – ‘Bapa’ [AU]
British India – ‘Safari’ [AU]
Gun Street Girls – ‘The May Disease’ [AU]
Interview with Patrick from OK Vancouver OK  [CA]
Interview with Adam from Like Animals Again [CA]
Like Animals Again – ‘Rhetoric and Caffine’ [CA]
British Columbians – ‘In the Leaves’ [CA]
Collapsing Opposites – ‘Stars and rocks’ [CA]
Interview with CITR programmer, Chrisariffic  [CA]
Spiderbait – ‘Monty’ [AU]
Magic Dirt – ‘My Pal’ (cover) [AU]

Featured video: GOD – ‘My Pal’ (1987)

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