Stranded playlist 03 May 2010

May 3, 2010

*Special guest, Ben Drysdale from Canberra, live in the CITR studio*

NoMeansNo – ‘The River’ [CA]
Yukon Blonde – ‘Street’ [CA]
The Gruff – ‘Commercial Drive’ [CA]
Sidewinder – ‘Evil Eye’ [AU]
78-Saab – ‘Smile’ [AU]
John Reed Club – ‘Head in Stereo’ [AU]
Ben Drysdale – ‘Any longer’ (live in the CITR Studio) [AU]
Ben Drysdale – ‘Cardboard Charlie’ (live in the CITR Studio) [AU]
Dub Dub Goose – ‘Move your feet’ [AU]
Voss – ‘Plum Dagger’

Featured video: Sidewinder – ‘Evil Eye’ (1995)

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