Stranded playlist 26 April 2010

April 25, 2010

Midnight Oil – ‘US Forces’ [AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘Hercules’ [AU]
Midnight Oil – ‘The Last of the Diggers’ [AU}
The Mark of Cain – ‘Lone Pine’ [AU]
Spiderbait – ‘Sam Gribbles’ [AU]
The Persian Rugs – ‘St Peter’s Infirmary’ [AU]
Hoodoo Gurus – ‘I hope you’re happy’ [AU]
The Panics – ‘Don’t know what it is’ [AU]
Nunchukka Superfly – ‘The Sky Belongs to Us’ [AU]
Language Arts – ‘Cavity’ [CA]
We are Wolves – ‘Paloma’ [CA]
Besnard Lakes – ‘Chicago Train’ [CA]
The Gruff – ‘The Make’ [CA]

Featured video: Spiderbait – ‘Sam Gribbles’ (1995)

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