Stranded playlist 25 Jan 2010

January 26, 2010

The Saints – ‘I’m Stranded’ [AU]
Radio Birdman – ‘Aloha Steve and Dano’ [AU]
Birthday Party – ‘Release the Bats’ [AU]
Warumpi Band – ‘Black Fella, White Fella’ [AU]
Divynals – ‘Pleasure and Pain’ [AU]
The Fauves – ‘Celebrate the Failure’ [AU]
The Church – ‘Happenstance’ [AU]
The Wellingtons – ‘Come undone’ [AU]
Benni Hemm Hemm – ‘Stoffelese’ [NZ]
Hawksley Workman – ‘Song for Sarah Jane’ [CA]
Fucked Up – ‘Dream Come True’ [CA]
Jada Kelly – ‘Second Spring’ [CA]
Woodpidgeon – ‘Die Stadt Muzikanten’ [CA]
Lazy Susan – ‘Canada’ [AU]

Featured video: The Saints: ‘I’m Stranded’ (1977)

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