Stranded playlist 11 Jan 2010

January 18, 2010

Rowland S Howard – ‘Shivers’ (live) [AU]
Rowland S Howard – ‘Jennifer’s Veil’ (live) [AU]
Rowland S Howard – ‘Autoluminescent’ [AU]
Tumbleweed – ‘Sundial’ [AU]
Pink Fits – ‘Hey you’ [AU]
The Dolly Rocker Movement – ‘The only one’ [AU]
The Wooden Birds – ‘Aternoon in bed’ [NZ]
Saltwater Band – ‘Djarridjarri’ [AU]
The Ex-boyfriends – ‘Ain’t no tourist’ [CA]
Neil Young – ‘Dreamin’ Man’ [CA]
The Secretaries – ‘Lazy Lover’ [CA]
The Heartstrings – ‘Puritan’ [CA]
Boys Next Door – ‘Shivers’ [AU]

Featured video: Tumbleweed – ‘Sundial’ (1992)

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